Corporate Social Responsibility Statement

Gareth Morris Construction Limited strives to build a sustainable future for its employees, customers and the community in which we work.

As a Principal Contractor, we provide our stakeholders with quality, reliability and excellence as we endeavour to design the principles of sustainable development into all aspects of our activities.

Operating with integrity and aiming for the highest standards of corporate, health, safety and environmental management and to committing to a considered approach to our social responsibilities.

The Company Director has set clear direction and takes full responsibility for Gareth Morris Construction Limited’s corporate performance, ethical business operations, health & safety of its workforce, customers and the general public, protecting our environment, maintaining equal opportunities for staff, and many other social responsibilities.


GMC aims to provide a construction service to an extremely high standard and pride ourselves on understanding, and exceeding the requirements and expectations of our customers. We treat our staff and stakeholders fairly and in line with national legislation and current best practices and run our business practices to the highest of ethical standards.

Continual improvement of our operations is measured through:

  • Setting annual objectives and targets, checked in audit, reported against our KPI’s and agreeing improvement measures.
  • Regular assessment of staff and our supply chain member performance and monitoring the quality of supplied materials and the finished product resulting in minimised  defects at project handover.
  • Gaining a customer’s assessment of our performance through satisfaction surveys and
  • Acting on customer requirement, legislative compliance , and internal policies and procedure non-conformances. Investigating and identifying incident cause and implementing agreed action plans.

We have consolidated our quality management system in line with the requirements of ISO 9001 and are working towards UKAS accreditation.

Health and Safety

GMC is totally committed to the Safety and Health of its clients, employees and members of the general public. Our continued improvement is based on a greater awareness and understanding of behaviour, effective staff training, comprehensive planning and communication of safe working systems and a target zero approach to accidents and incidents on site.


GMC Is committed to minimising the impact our activities have on the environment. Our Environmental Management System has been

Developed to comply with the requirements of ISO 14001 as we work towards UKAS accreditation.

The aims and objectives we set for environmental continual improvement are measured by our performance in waste management, embedded carbon footprint measurements and identification and management of potential environmental incidents as well as including environmental considerations in the design of projects. We have been baselining our performance to introduce improvements for the next 5 years.


GMC understands that we not only have a responsibility to maintain a sustainable business for both the owners and the employee’s through the way we operate, but we also have a wider, social responsibility to the communities that we work in. To achieve this we commit management, time and resources to deliver tangible benefits, recruitment and training to the local community by:

  • Placing orders with local contractors and suppliers to maintain employment for local people.
  • Sourcing materials from local sustainable sources.
  • Offering new employment opportunities to local people.
  • Recruiting Apprentices and Trainees from local Colleges.
  • Offering work experience placements to people considering carers in the construction  industry.
  • Visiting schools and colleges and holding open days to promote the industry.
  • Working with local community projects and key stakeholders to deliver benefits and improvements to the local environment.